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Eujime Embryo Rice Brochure (Chinese Version) 

Recently we distributed 20,000 copies of flyers throughout the Malaysia. We received a lot of enquiries regarding the embryo rice and also this Eujime Embryo Rice Machine that is fully imported from Japan. With much education about how our daily diet can affect our general health, more people are convinced and try to embrace embryo rice as their source of food. At the point they change, they started to feel changes in their health condition. Most commonly we heard of are: they got improved toilet habit, they feel more energetic as well as lessen in their neuropatic pain. Here is our latest flyers distributed in 2012: Page 1 & Page 2. 


 Brochure 2012-1





Brochure 2012-2

Brochure 2012-3

Brochure 2012-5

Brochure 2012-6

Brochure 2012-7

Brochure 2012-8